What We Do

We first and foremost develop businesses and business models for the restoration of ecological function. We use our unique insights, perspectives and tools to help others do the same. Enviromental problems are complex and require multi-disciplinary approaches for their solution. We leverage field experience and wide-ranging viewpoints to develop practical, workable and scalable solutions both within our own ventures and to help others.

Our Portfolio

MVP & Initial Growth


SustainiFi is a sustainable finance green and impact accounting platform for verification and tracking of environmental returns or impact of investments focused on terrestrial restoration or conservation.

F3 Life

F3 Life provides tools to financial institutions to help them incorporate environmental and climate requirements into loan agreements and credit scoring systems.


GreenFi provides a green core banking system to community savings and loans funds. The business was the recent winner of a ClimateKIC acceleration grant.


Pay As You Grow

Pay As You Grow provides risk-controlled farming spaces to smallholder farmers on a rental basis.


TruWealth is an app-based tool for assessment of your true net worth, including assessments of financial, natural and human capital.

Who We Are

Ecosystem Equity is a partnership of environmental economists, technologists, finance experts, ecologists and natural resource management practitioners. We develop very early stage ventures which increase the value of natural capital and which have potential for transformative scale. We partner with a range of other organisations seeking the same objectives and sharing the same values as our own.

Our Partners

Ecosystem Equity and its ventures work with a variety of partners seeking sustainably financed environmental returns.